Large Dog Cage

Large Dog Cage dimensions
Large Dog Cage

The Large Dog Cage, with its essentially square floor area, has been our standard for medium to large dog breeds for many years.

The door is narrower than that of the Large Dog Wide Cage, meaning it does not swing as far out into the room, making this cage more suitable for long narrow wards. This cage was designed to house Border Collie, Doberman, Labrador, smaller Setters and Boxers, etc.

Note: If you intend to house a mother cat and a litter of kittens or large groups of young kittens in this cage, you can order an extra door with 30mm bar-spacing. (P.O.A.)

Cage Dimensions

960 mm
960 mm
750 mm
Floor Area
0.65 m2

Door Specifications

Perimeter bar thickness
8.0 mm
Vertical bar thickness
5.0 mm
On-center vertical bar spacing
50.0 mm

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