Large Dog Double Wide Cage

Large Dog Double Wide Cage dimensions
Large Dog Double Wide Cage

Specifically made for giant breeds, the Large Dog Double Wide Cage with divider in place can also be used to house two medium sized dogs.

At 1420mm wide, it features double doors hinged on each side of the cage and a removable centre column with latches.

The optional divider made of Alucabond® alloy laminate is held in place by a channel at the front and rear of the cage.

Note: The divider is not a waterproof barrier and thus does not meet Best Practice Standards.

Cage Dimensions

960 mm
1430 mm
750 mm
Floor Area
1.0 m2

Door Specifications

Perimeter bar thickness
8.0 mm
Vertical bar thickness
5.0 mm
On-center vertical bar spacing
50.0 mm

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