Large Dog Wide Cage

Large Dog Wide Cage dimensions
Large Dog Wide Cage

With a 750mm depth and 1080mm width, the Large Dog Wide Cage (formerly "Slimline" / "Extra Wide") is the same depth but wider than the Large Dog Cage and will house Rottweillers and Labradors, etc.

When installed with a row of Cat or Small Dog cages (650mm depth) on top, there is little waste space at the rear of the cage bank.

However, a greater width dimension means that the Slimline door swings further out into the room, making it less suitable for long, narrow wards.

Cage Dimensions

960 mm
1090 mm
750 mm
Floor Area
0.75 m2

Door Specifications

Perimeter bar thickness
8.0 mm
Vertical bar thickness
5.0 mm
On-center vertical bar spacing
50.0 mm

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